Kingdom Strategies is currently conducting a benchmark survey of Christians in business. We’ve already received more response that expected. The survey period is still open, and I look forward to compiling and reporting the results as soon as it’s complete.

One dramatic thing I’ve noticed emerging so far is that a majority of respondents seem to wrestle with the same “4 Cs” — Clarity, Confidence, Communication and Connections.

Do you relate to this?

  •  Do you have a sense of crystal CLARITY in your strategic direction and daily decision making?
  •  Do you have strong CONFIDENCE that you’re going the right direction, doing the right things, and offering the right goods or services, to the right people, the right way?
  • Is your COMMUNICATION efficient and effective? This is not just internal but external — and includes recruiting and relating to employees as well as marketing to prospects and retaining customers.
  • Finally, do you feel CONNECTED to the right resources, partners, suppliers and others, so that you have an unbreakable foundation and constant supply of wise counsel?

Over the years, I have built successful businesses and ministries in the US and overseas, and I’ve learned the hard way — it is virtually impossible to build a thriving business or ministry if you’re not strong in these four key areas.

“Mike Arnold has an uncommonly creative intellect that consistently adapts to near any topic, on queue. Grounded in powerful convictions of truth, he is a constant asset to any endeavor or organization intent on truly impacting what really matters most. I’m honored to call Mike a friend and brother, and look forward to every opportunity to journey together in life or vocation.” — Matt Tankersley, Serial tech entrepreneur, CEO of HumaniTV and

If you’d like to grow stronger in these — to build a stronger business or ministry — I would love to help you. God has blessed me with a great education and extensive experience, and I will bring all that to bear to help you tackle the challenges you’re facing and make the most of the opportunities in front of you.

My passion is to serve business owners, entrepreneurs and other leaders, to help them reach their full, God-given potential. I’ve done this for many others, and I’d be honored to have the opportunity to do it for you.

Could we schedule a quick call sometime soon? I’ve blocked off the main part of several days over the next two weeks to connect with Christians in business who are seeking to take their work to the next level. I’d love to hear where you are, what you’re doing, and see if I may bless you.

To make it easy, I’ve set up this online scheduler. It’s easy — just follow the link, pick your time, and it’ll pop on my calendar. It’s free, no obligation, and no “sales pitch.”

Click here to schedule a free Business Strategy Session.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon!

— Mike Arnold