Strategic Business Development

Marketing – Advertising – Sales – Fundraising – Platform Building – Funnel Development

Jesus told His first disciples He would make them “fishers of men.” Even for Him, the art of business development was vital to His Kingdom enterprise!

For your business to succeed, you, too must be a “fisher of men.” You must know who to target, how-where-when to connect with them, what to say, how to successfully invite them to transact with you, and then how to sustain and build upon that relationship for the long run.

The principles of successful business development are timeless. The foundation begins with your vision and story. Attracting new clients, customers, investors and donors is really a matter of extending your Kingdom alignment into the marketplace.

Do it God’s way – with wisdom, truth and clarity — and your success will be authentic and sustainable.

While today’s communication technologies can seem confusing, they also open up incredible new opportunities for those who know how to use them. At the same time, in the mad rush to social/digital media, often “old fashion” tools and tactics are best to cut through the clutter and help a business really stand out. Usually, the winning formula is a healthy combination of the two. We can help you select just the right message and media to target, attract and engage the right people — efficiently and effectively.

Will you let us use our business develop experience to help you build a stronger and more profitable business?

Between them, Kingdom Strategies founders Mike Arnold and Sandy Ingersoll have raised hundreds of millions of dollars from investors and donors.  Mike founded an advertising agency and has created and overseen multi-million-dollar, multi-media campaigns. Combined, they have led advertising, marketing, sales and electoral campaigns for all kinds of enterprises, large and small.

Our seasoned team will help you lay a solid strategy for your business development success, create on-point messaging, produce physical and digital collaterals, train staff, and then implement, manage and refine your ongoing outreach efforts and relationships.


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