Kingdom Strategies and Tipping Point Conferences Present An Exclusive Executive Mission Trip

Gateway:Africa 2016

 – Tipping Point Nigeria –

Cross-Atlantic Kingdom Economic Summit

Abuja, Nigeria  –  November 3-12, 2016


Meet The Leaders

Join us on a one-of-a-kind mission trip

You are invited to join me and my good friend Dr. Charles Robinson, the leader Tipping Point Conferences, on an exclusive Executive Mission Trip to the energetic capitol city of Africa’s most prosperous and populated nation.

We will lead a select team of Kingdom-minded business leaders to connect and collaborate with their cross-Atlantic counterparts, sow into the vanguard of the Body of Christ in our generation, explore the economic opportunities of this fast-rising nation, and participate in the front-line reality of the Kingdom Come in ways most Americans never see.

God has given me great favor in this amazing land. I’ve spent considerable time in Nigeria over the past several years, and have forged friendships with elite leaders in business, government and ministry. I would be honored to open those same doors for you, and help you tap into the fast-growing economy in this up-and-coming nation. It will be a trip you will never forget.

– Mike Arnold, Founder and CEO

What man has long called “The Dark Continent,” God is raising up in these latter days to be the Continent of Light, with Nigeria as the primary point of outpouring.

Nigeria is the gateway to Africa, with more than 1/5 of the entire population of the continent. In 2011, Citigroup predicted that Nigeria will have the highest average GDP growth in the world between 2010–2050. It is the largest economy in Africa and growing steadily at 9-10% a year — and this in the face of staggering issues of unemployment, corruption, lack of infrastructure and radical Islam. They are rich in natural resources and strategically situated geographically.

More important, the people are amazingly bright, educated, entrepreneurial, young, and are invested with all the values that made America great — yet that we lack today: Faith, family, integrity, hard-work, passion, vision, hope…

Nigeria is on the frontline of the Kingdom Come. The North is sharia law, the South is like Ephesus in the Book of Acts. They face brutal, daily persecution that is unimaginable to Americans. Yet Nigeria is the only nation on earth where Radical Islam is being pushed back.

This exclusive Executive Mission Trip is a rare opportunity to:

  • Cut past the manipulated headlines to see first-hand what’s really going on the world,
  • Serve according to your giftedness and life experience to sow into a vibrant community of faith that is rising victorious in the face of the worst the enemy has to offer,
  • Connect with abundant business opportunities in this fast-growing economy,
  • Experience miracles, worship and fellowship like the Early Church, and
  • Participate in what is perhaps the most significant and strategic move of God on earth today.

Space is limited. Register today!


  • Connect and collaborate with fellow Christian business leaders in this booming nation, with opportunity to launch deals and investments.
  • Meet top leaders in government, business, culture and church.
  • Work together to solve problems and explore opportunities in the Seven Mountains of influence.
  • Learn how to do business and invest in Nigeria, from the White House’s designated US/Nigerian marketplace liaison.
  • Gain front-line education, insight and intel in this rapidly emerging global market.


  • Experience the Nigerian Outpouring first hand. See miracles, experience the Holy Spirit like the Early Church.
  • Sow into the Christian community in Africa, according to your gifting – through teaching, encouragement, mentorship and possibly investment.
  • Help us lay the groundwork for a large-scale, ground-shaking crusade in 2017 to reach the lost, strengthen the Christian community, and push back the spiritual forces of darkness.
  • Collaborate with African leaders for economic development and entrepreneurial education to edify the Body economically.
  • Opportunity for more traditional mission work, including outreach in villages, orphanages, prisons, and even leper colonies.

Exclusive Business Concierge Service

The African economy is booming, with Nigeria in the lead.

Nigerians LOVE America, and give great honor to American visitors — especially those coming to do business.

The organizers of this trip have deep roots and great favor in Nigeria, and are connected at the highest levels.

We will work hands-on with advance registrants to arrange private business meetings with top officials and other movers-and-shakers in your areas of interest.

It is not uncommon for business people seeking to enter the Nigerian market to spend six figures for a trip like this.

















Trip Cost & Payment Schedule

Depart USA on Thursday, Nov. 3

Return to USA on Saturday, Nov. 12

The trip officially begins in the International Terminal of George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Houston. This will be our point of departure and arrival. You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements to that point. From Houston, the  commercial flight will include a layover in Europe, then a direct flight into Abuja’s world-class airport, where we will be picked up and shuttled to an elite hotel near downtown.

The trip cost is inclusive of all travel, meals, accommodations, conference materials, and security per our program. You are on your own for incidentals, souvenirs, food purchases during layovers (flights include meal service), and any activities you choose to undertake beyond the scope of our program.

BRONZE – $5,500

This includes Economy travel and Double Occupancy hotel stay. 

SILVER  – $6,500

This includes an upgrade to Economy Plus travel and Double Occupancy hotel stay.

GOLD – $11,900

This includes upgrade to Business Class travel and Single Occupancy hotel stay.

STAY AN EXTRA WEEK (Return to US Monday, Nov. 21)

COST: $2750 (double occupancy), $3750 (single occupancy)

Our team plans to remain in Nigeria for another week. We will travel by regional airline to Owerri, Imo State, to meet with leaders there to lay groundwork for a large-scale 2017 outreach crusade. Owerri is a bustling city of approximately 500,000 in the heart of the oil-rich Niger Delta region. It is a state capitol, home of a large university, and a strategic center of Kingdom activity. If you join us for this extended portion of the trip, you can expect life-changing cultural and spiritual experiences, and even more business opportunities. Cost includes travel, lodging and meals.


For advance registrants, we will work to set up customized meetings with top officials according to your specific business interests. Should you desire more intensive support in this regards, we will connect you with our friends at the at Africa International Trade and Commerce Research, LTD., a top public affairs firm that specializes in facilitating American firms seeking to do business at the highest levels in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Their services are not included in the cost of the trip.


15% deposit upon registration (non-refundable), no later than September 30.

60% by September 30 (90% refundable if required as late as Oct 14).

25% by October 28 (non-refundable).

All payments requested by check or wire transfer to Mike Arnold Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit corporation. Credit card payments will be charged an additional 3% processing fee.


This is a mission trip conducted by a non-profit ministry that has organized numerous international mission trips. If you will be raising funds for your trip, donors will receive a receipt for their donation, which is fully tax deductible.

We will be happy to provide materials and basic training for support raising, if that is your plan.

Travel Details

A few important things to know:

  • We will provide pro-active education and assistance in advance of the trip, so you can be fully prepared.
  • English is the official language of Nigeria. (They were a British colony.)
  • You will need a current passport and Nigerian visa well in advance of the trip. We will help you through the process.
  • This is a tropical, Third World country. Specific immunizations and malaria prevention medication are necessary. You should see your doctor for a malaria pill prescription at least a month in advance of the trip. See more information at the CDC website.
  • This is a divided nation. The North is under sharia law and ruled by Boko Haram. Security is a top priority. We will be staying in the heart of the nation’s capitol, which is in Christian territory and the most secure city in the country. But it’s not Disneyland! This is not a zero-risk venture.
  • Food is hearty and healthy, but still Nigerian. We will do our best to accommodate special dietary needs but cannot guarantee our ability to do so in-country. You should be prepared to try new things.
  • Power outages are common, even in the very best facilities. All have back-up generators, but interruptions should be expected.
  • Internet connectivity is generally good, as is cell phone reception. If you wish to use your cell phone there, you should make arrangements in advance with your carrier. Otherwise, Skype is a great option.
  • The people there are exceptionally formal, stylish and well-groomed. Business attire is recommended at all times. We recommend that you purchase some local clothing upon arrival. It’s very affordable and comfortable!
  • You should bring new US $100 bills for your spending money, to be exchanged for Niara upon arrival. Credit cards and checks are not generally accepted there, and the money changers don’t like bills of other sizes. Banking is possible but quite tedious. Best just to bring a wad of $100s…
  • Let us know if you have any additional questions!


Register Today

Due to the nature of this trip, we do not accept direct registration online. We wish to have a conversation with you first, to determine if this trip is a good fit for you, and vise-versa. Please use this form to initiate contact, and one of us will get back with you soon. Thank you!

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