Kingdom Coaching: For life, business and beyond.

Let me help you thrive from a place of peace, clarity, strategy and strength.

Peak performance in any endeavor requires coaching. In the Bible, they called this “discipleship.” Nobody is designed to go it alone.

My passion is to coach Christian business owners, executives and other leaders to connect with the Living God in a way that is deep and real, to help them gain unprecedented satisfaction and success in their life and work. People I serve tell me the insight and coaching I provide brings dramatic results.

I am blessed with a unique background and perspective. I have an executive MBA from a top school, and a lifetime of building successful companies and working with elite leaders around the world. I’ve also had many memorable experiences in ministry, building a thriving, nationwide discipleship group in the US  and serving as pioneering missionary to the Third World. I literally wrote the book on Kingdom victory — UPRISING: Time for Christians to Rise and Shine. But I’m also a simple country boy at heart, and dedicated husband of 20+ years and father of four. This all comes together to form the foundation for my coaching.


Use the calendar tool on the right to schedule a FREE, no obligation, 30-minute Business Strategy Session with Mike Arnold. This call will help us both determine if there’s good alignment to work together.

Out of respect for each other’s time, please schedule the call only when you are serious about exploring a coaching engagement. In the meantime, explore this website to be certain you feel compelled to pursue this.

My Coaching Process

After our initial Breakthrough Call, if we find there’s a fit, we will enter a formal engagement.

I tailor each engagement to meet the needs of the individual, with a minimum period of six months. Most coaching is done over the phone or Skype.

Coaching typically begins with a one-month Foundations phase. This includes in-depth conversations and a series of personality and giftedness surveys. This is when we set the course and goals for the ongoing coaching.

Specific business strategies and tactics are important, and a big part of our coaching — but we know from experience that, without the right foundation, simply pursuing those without addressing deeper issues is not a path to sustainable success. My coaching is founded on the understanding that true success is a natural byproduct of a Kingdom-aligned life. This is all about character, faith and relationships, and involves knowing and embracing our unique identity, purpose and destiny in Christ.

I will work with you to establish and continually develop personal and professional goals and benchmarks. Based on these, you can expect “homework” assignments to be part  of your coaching, especially early in the relationship. These may include reading, things to pray, projects to tackle, or any range of things.

I will be on-call for you, and you may call, email, or text as necessary in between your scheduled sessions.

Coaching fees

A typical coaching package is billed as follows, but not everyone’s needs are the same. We’ll be happy to discuss craft a custom package that works best for you.

FOUNDATIONS PHASE: $2400, includes first full month of engagement. This is where the foundation is set.

ONGOING: $1200 per month with a 12-month minimum commitment. This is typically billed monthly. A discount is available if you wish to pre-pay quarterly or annually. This is for pre-scheduled, weekly calls of 1 – 1.5 hours each, plus correspondence in-between.

INCLUDES: All resources in the Kingdom Strategies Library as well as an all-access pass to Kingdom Strategies Leadership Institute courses.

BONUS: Clients may join a Kingdom Mastermind Roundtable at half off the published rate.

DISCOUNTS: Discounts are available for clients under the age of 25, and for full-time pastors and non-profit ministry leaders.

BARTER: Exchange of coaching for goods or services may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Here’s a fact: Athletes need coaching to get to the top. 

Here’s another fact: The same is true in business.

If you don’t believe this, just watch this quick video with Bill Gates and Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who both agree coaching has been instrumental in their careers.

The most successful people know this: The best business investment you can ever make is in yourself.


The right coach is someone who has achieved success, been around it, studied it, walked the path, and knows what it takes.

He is someone who sees you for who you are and sees your blind spots, but more importantly, sees the greatness you are capable of — and can help you develop it and draw it out of you.

He sees and believes a brighter future for you than you may see at the moment.

He is a sounding board and sharpening stone; a cheerleader when you need it, or a drill sergeant, but mostly just a teacher and friend and encourager.

His is instrumental to you success.




“Coaching” is the modern term for a Kingdom principle that has been around from the very beginning, and that is talked about and modeled throughout the Bible.

The Kingdom is all about building trusting relationships, sharing wisdom and experience, serving people from the heart, and helping others become their very best. That’s what Kingdom coaching is all about, too.

Moses coached Joshua. Barnabas coached Paul who coached Timothy. Jesus coached His 12. Who is coaching you?

God did not make us to function in isolation. He warns us that even our best plans fail for lack of wise counsel.

We need wise, Godly coaching to achieve maximum success. That’s part of God’s master plan.



There are two kinds of success: The world’s way, which is superficial and unsustainable, and God’s way, which is deep and eternal.

Only a fool would hire a golf coach to teach them tennis. The games are fundamentally different.

In the same way, a person who honors God and seeks true success should never engage a secular coach. They are simply not equipped to help you walk that path.

Kingdom Strategies coaches never follow a cookie-cutter program, but instead engage each client as if they were the only one.

Our coaches are seasoned, faithful, highly educated, extremely experienced, and passionate about helping bring out the very best in others. We are not just “spiritual advisers,” but draw from a lifetime of practical success in the marketplace.

If you are seeking true success, you will be hard pressed to find a better coach.

“Over the years developing and running several Chiropractic Clinics, I have learned how important it is to have someone on the outside coaching you through the steps. Mike’s coaching comes from a perspective that I have never before found in a coach, and through his approach it has allowed me to reach new heights in my vision, business and personal life.  My family has been witness to the immense changes that have come through Mike’s teachings.  His passion, clarity and purpose are all so rare in this world and it has been an absolute honor and humbling experience to get to learn from such a man. If I could leave one remark to anyone seeking to utilize Mike’s service it’s this: the only thing you stand to lose is the very thing that is holding you back, and Mike will stand by your side to see it through!”

Dr. Craig Onstott – Founder and CEO, Nikao Wellness