The Mission of Kingdom Strategies

The Kingdom of God is God’s Master Plan for creation and for our role in it. Understanding this is the key to knowing our true identity, purpose and destiny. This key unlocks deep joy and contentment, clarity of vision, balance, peace and passion: True, sustainable success.

The continual advance and ultimate victory of the Kingdom of God is the pre-eminent message of the Bible and the subject of the vast majority of Jesus’ teachings. Jesus instructed us to “seek first the Kingdom,” because this is the pathway to unleashing God’s miraculous power and provision in our life and work.

When we bring ourselves and our ventures into full alignment with His Kingdom, God promises to supernaturally give us step-by-step guidance down a clear path, provide all the resources we need for the fulfillment of our vision, and give us the deepest desires of our hearts.

Most Christians today lack even a fundamental understanding of the Kingdom of God. The Bible says that without vision, people perish. Without a clear vision of God’s Master Plan, we will never reach our full potential in our personal or professional lives.

Kingdom Strategies exists to teach, equip and coach leaders to clearly see, embrace and employ the practical principles of God’s Master Plan, empowering them to overcome obstacles and uncertainty and break through to greater success in their life and work, as they boldly advance the Kingdom of God in their spheres of influence.

God has so much more in store for us when we rediscover His master plan and our place in it.

For Christians only?

Well, that question can go a lot of ways. If a Christian to you is someone who is legalistic, self-righteous, stuffy, super-religious, superficially goody-two-shoes, and likes to use all kinds of churchy jargon, then absolutely not. We can certainly work with folks like that, but fact is, the first step for them is to unlearn a ton of what they think “being a Christian” is all about — and, well, that can be a challenge.

Meet Mike Arnold

Founder and CEO

I am author of UPRISING: Time for Christians to Rise and Shine and founder of a thriving, nationwide discipleship ministry. As a missionary, I once traveled by dugout canoe in the Mosquito Coast jungles to be the first outsider ever to reach a remote village.

I am a lifelong entrepreneur. Starting as a minimum-wage ditch digger at 21, by 28 I was co-founder and C.O.O. of a television news network with 125 employees.

I am a producer of one of the most highly-awarded Christian films in history.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to work alongside some of the most successful people around the world – self-made billionaires, elite professional athletes, prominent politicians, award-winning movie producers, leading pastors and others.

I and my work have been honored by the Texas Senate and featured in quite a bit of media.

Through my writing, teaching, speaking and personal coaching, I help business and ministry leaders at every level breakthrough the bonds of religion to connect with the Living God in a way that is deep, powerful and life-changing.

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Meet Sandy Ingersoll

Kingdom Counsel

In 1968 God spoke to me "Sandy, I want you to go into business, find out what is wrong and do something about it." This began my fascinating life in business.

After getting my finance degree from UC Berkeley, I worked four years for IBM before heading to Wall Street. There I worked for Oppenheimer & Co, mentored by some of the top research analysts in the world.

My goal was to learn the system, find out how the money game worked, and make a lot of money. I did. But my real education didn’t start until 1976 when I asked Jesus to take over my life, and He did! On fire for Jesus and His word, I could suddenly see clearly the contrast between what He says about business and what the world says.

In 1978 I received another divine call: “Invest in Jesus.” God how He had mobilized all the wealth and talents of His people into what He was doing in the book of Acts, and that He planned to do this again in the last days.

In the 40 years since then, I’ve worked with dozens of Christian entrepreneurs, both in private and public companies, as both adviser and financier. I have witnessed great success and quite often painful failures, all for God’s purpose of discovering what is right and what is wrong in business.