Is Kingdom Strategies for Christians only?

Well, that question can go a lot of ways. If a Christian to you is someone who is legalistic, self-righteous, stuffy, super-religious, superficially goody-two-shoes, and likes to use all kinds of churchy jargon, then absolutely not. We can certainly work with folks like that, but fact is, the first step for them is to unlearn a ton of what they think “being a Christian” is all about — and, well, that can be a challenge.

That said, we come from the perspective that the Bible is accurate, God is real, and His promises are as true today as they were when He made them. We’d be more than happy to engage folks who reject this, but since it’s the foundation of what we offer, if they’re not open to shifting their paradigm, then they’re probably better served somewhere else.

We believe modern “Churchianity,” while filled with people who mean well, is terribly off track. Sure, it does some good, and is a far cry better than most of what the rest of the world offers, but it fails terribly in helping folks see God’s master plan and their place in it. As a result, it abandons them to function in the world without true Biblical ekklesia, and with limited or no real access to the full power, promises and peace of God.

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We could keep going but that’s probably enough to make the point: Kingdom Strategies exists to serve anybody who is willing to break out of the box of religion and experience the awesome reality of God — and all that entails — in their life and work, in ways they may have only only dreamed possible.

We’re looking for folks who are hungry for more, teachable, and faithful enough to take a journey to see for themselves if God really is who He says He is.

Churchiness is strictly optional, and not necessarily preferred…