Every once in a while, a little book comes along that changes everything …

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A seasoned Wall Street analyst and investor, Sandy Ingersoll spent the first half of his life climbing his way to the very top of the business world. But for the past four decades, his single-minded pursuit has been God’s Kingdom.

With breathtaking simplicity and clarity, and wisdom gained over a long and remarkable life, Sandy captures in this book God’s heart for His sons and daughters in the marketplace.

An instant classic, this short book will breathe new vision and passion into your life and work. It is a must read for any Christian in business.

God is real and His promises are true. Align with His master plan to unleash His power and resources in your life and work. When you use Kingdom Strategies, you will gain clarity and confidence to do business boldly — and your faith will become your unbeatable competitive advantage.

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Founder and CEO Mike Arnold, MBA, is an international entrepreneur, author and missionary. His work has been honored by the Texas Senate and featured in these and other media outlets. See his bio on this page.

Through professional Kingdom Business Coaching, dynamic Mastermind Roundtables and other events and resources, we help Christians in business unleash the unbreakable power of God’s Kingdom in their endeavors.

Mike’s coaching comes from a perspective that I have never before found in a coach, and through his approach it has allowed me to reach new heights in my vision, business and personal life.

Dr. Craig Onstott

Founder and CEO, Nikao Wellness Centers


What is “the Kingdom?” Quite simply, it is God’s blueprint for creation, our role in it, and our destiny. It is the reason He created creation in the first place, why we’re here in it, and the thing He tells us to seek first, every step of the way. It is God’s master plan.

God’s plan is to establish His Kingdom through the successful efforts of His sons and daughters. That’s us. His power is channeled towards this, and He calls us each to play a unique role in this undertaking.

While this is the foundational theme of the Bible, from beginning to end, and the message that Jesus taught, it has been largely lost by today’s churches. Because of this, too many Christians compartmentalize their faith, separating their “religion” from other areas of their life. And as a result, they never truly experience the fullness of God’s amazing power and promises in their life and work.


God makes many amazing promises to those who follow Him. These include supernatural, continual, step by step guidanceprovision of everything we need, protectioncontentmentpeace and true, sustainable success.

God is real and His promises are true. They are as true today, for you and me, as they were for the people in Bible times. But study of these promises reveals they are based on if/then conditional statements — meaning, He is only obligated to fulfill them when we do our part. Most Christians today miss out on these amazing gifts because we simply don’t know what our part is or how to do it.


The key to unlocking God’s power and promises in your life and work is to come into alignment with His master plan. When you do this, you will find supernatural clarity, confidence, peace and power. Your enterprise will become a conduit for His miraculous power and become magnetic — attracting resources, talent and customers like never before.

Kingdom Strategies exists to help Christians in business understand and align with the Kingdom of God so they may find unprecedented, sustainable success in their life and work.


There are a lot of “Christian” businesses that are not aligned with the Kingdom. Aligning with the Kingdom has nothing to do with putting a fish symbol on your business cards, or playing Christian music in your office, or marketing to the people at church, or putting more money in the offering plate, or being more “churchy” in any way. While these things may be fine to do, they are irrelevant and entirely unrelated to functioning as a Kingdom business, and by themselves are no recipe for success.

A Kingdom enterprise is one that works within God’s master plan. It is founded on clear understanding of what God is doing in the Big Picture and awareness of the specific role to which He’s assigned us to play within it, and continually operates under His direction. A Kingdom enterprise is marked by excellence, a vibrant culture, a highly motivated team, innovation, steady growth, profitability and sustainable success.

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