Mastermind groups are fast gaining popularity, as many top leaders consider them vital to their success. I know they have been for mine over many years.

None of this should come as a surprise, because the success which flows from these groups through their members follows a biblical model.

If you look at the way the early church was organized, the modern term “mastermind group” could apply in many important ways.

What are the hallmarks of a mastermind group? People, meeting together regularly, in a non-competitive/non-sales environment, to help build each other up, and mutually-committed to each other’s well-rounded success.

What they called those groups back then, in the original language, was “ekklesia.” This word meant, literally, “an assembly of those who are called out,” generally with a civic purpose.

We’ve traditionally translated this word as “church,” but it means more than what we’ve made it. Done right, biblical ekklesia is so much more powerful than what we get from sitting in a pew on Sunday morning!

This realization led me to re-imagine the whole concept of “mastermind” groups. In doing so, I’ve found this popular vehicle can deliver exponentially greater results when members fully embrace it’s God-given nature.

Jesus said, “where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them.” The Apostle Paul said we have access to “the mind of Christ.” When we acknowledge Him in all our ways, God promises to direct our path. When we seek first His Kingdom, He promises to supernaturally provide all we need. There is so much  more available to us than the world offers!

Mastermind groups are fast growing in popularity because of the power they deliver to each member. Most highly-successful people find them to be indispensable. Yet based on a benchmark survey of Christians in business we’re conducting, we’re finding MOST Christians in business are not plugged into one. And, of the ones that are, most of them are secular groups.

We’re letting the world steal our birthright. That is sad! God has so much more in store for us, if only we’ll embrace the ways He modeled for us.

Imagine plugging in with a small group of non-competitive peers, who are on the same life journey, who are mutually committed to each other’s success, and who come together intentionally to help each member do better in business. This is a generic mastermind group.

Now imagine if, on top of all this, that group were Christ-centered, welcomed the Spirit to come in with divine wisdom and guidance, and included not only practical wisdom and experience, but also powerful prayer support, opportunity for spiritual growth, and a purpose to manifest God’s Kingdom together. A group like this is really tapping into the Master’s mind!

Done right, the power of marketplace ekklesia groups is exponentially greater than any secular mastermind group could ever be.

Would you like to be part of something like this?

Kingdom Strategies is currently launching a new Kingdom Mastermind Roundtable for business owners, executives and professionals. Our elite groups are engineered and facilitated by successful business leaders, but most important are Christ-centered and modeled on God’s biblically-established Kingdom principles.

Only seven spots are available in this new group. We expect it will fill up fast.

As this is an online group, it is open to marketplace leaders around the world.

I will personally lead this group, along with Sandy Ingersoll, author of The Kingdom Business.

Your next step is to schedule a free 30-minute Mastermind Application Call, to determine if this new group is a good fit for you.

Find out more and schedule that call by clicking here.



Ideal Candidate:

  • Christian business owner, executive or professional.
  • 2 to 25 employees.
  • In a growth phase – looking to expand, grow or go to the next level.
  • Facing challenges and seeking wisdom, experience, understanding and encouragement.

Group Structure:

  • This will be an online group meeting for two hours twice a month.
  • Members should have steady internet access for the meetings. (The technology is easy to use, and we’ll provide instructions and tech support).
  • Members are asked to make a MINIMUM 6-month commitment to the group.