Did you know takeoff is by far the most dangerous time in a flight?

It’s much more dangerous than landing. Why? At landing, there’s power in reserve, and the pilot can always pull up and fly away. At takeoff, thrust is maxed. The end of the runway comes fast – and it’s fly or crash.

The same is true in business. In times of change, when we’re working hard to move forward or grow, there’s not much margin for error. Our runway can get shorter, fast, and the only two options are grow your business or go out of business. The clock is ticking, and it’s all on you.

A time of transition like this is called an “inflection point.” We face these at startup, when we’re kicking off a turn-around or next-level effort, or when factors force us to rapidly adapt. Every business goes through these times – often unexpectedly.

When you’re facing change, the possibilities are wide open. Anything can happen. Your greatest threats emerge from your greatest challenges. And so do your greatest opportunities. The future is in your hands. What will you make of it?

Thriving through change requires leading each day with clarity, confidence and peace.

Lose these traits and you may lose your business. Develop them, and the future is yours.

Worry, doubt and desperation can suck the life out of any venture. When we try to move forward with less than clear vision, or when we’re off balance, or with a sense of anxiety, the handwriting is on the wall.

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s absolutely vital in times like this to seek wise counsel and fellowship with a Godly group of peers.

This is why we founded Kingdom Strategies: To serve Christians in business with the fusion of Biblical truth and state-of-the-art business strategies, through transformative Kingdom Business Coaching and the irreplaceable benefit of Christ-centered Mastermind Roundtables.

God is real and His promises are true. He is the only true source of clarity, confidence and peace.

When we build our business according to His master plan, it unleashes the fullness of His power and promises in our life and work – allowing us to sleep easy and do business boldly as we advance towards ever-increasing levels of success.

Are you facing challenges in your business? Do you seek greater confidence, clarity and peace?

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