This course is solid introduction to Kingdom Business and how to come into alignment with God’s master plan. You will come away from the course with a new level of clarity and confidence, and equipped to overcome obstacles and uncertainty while achieving maximum success in your life and work.

The course is organized in nine sections, designed to be completed over a period of nine weeks. You could go faster, but some of this stuff takes time to absorb, so it’s best if you pace it out as intended.



Course Information

Estimated Time: 9 weeks

Course Instructor

Mike Arnold Mike Arnold Author

Aligning with God’s Master Plan to unleash His power in your life and work

God’s Master Plan

The supernatural power of a Kingdom business

Guiding principles of the most successful people on earth

Vision: The Living Seed of Success

Positioning, Marketing and Selling: How to attract and keep great customers/clients and conquer the competition

Kingdom human resources: Building and managing a great team

Building a lasting legacy

Bringing it all together