Kingdom Strategies exists to help you succeed in all that God has given you to do. Our passion is to work personally, one-on-one, with Christians in business. Whether you’re just getting started and seeking direction, or midway through your career and looking to go to the next level, or on the home stretch and contemplating your legacy, we can help you reach your fullest potential.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a cornerstone of our work. No athlete can reach top performance without a seasoned and committed coach. The same is true for people in the business world.

Mastermind Roundtables

Participating in a Kingdom Mastermind Roundtable will boost your business through collaboration with a tight-knit group of  Kingdom-minded peers on a similar journey.

Custom Programs

Add value to your team and corporate culture with a Kingdom Strategies training or coaching program custom-tailored for your company’s unique needs and goals.

Youth Foundations

For young people choosing a path or just starting their career, nothing is more valuable to them than understanding God’s master plan and finding their unique place in it.