Author: Mike Arnold

Failure to launch: How false “wisdom” can keep us from reaching our full potential

Back in the late 1960s, three US servicemen commandeered a massive piece of very expensive government equipment and took it for a joyride. After only a few minutes, they had succeeded in destroying the majority of it. Even so, they successfully made it away from the heavily-guarded compound and outside the reach of authorities. Eight days later, after a massive effort to track their location, when government agents finally caught up with the three, they had utterly ruined the last bit of equipment and had to be rescued by the US Navy. Nothing was left to show for their...

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Beware the “Christian fish” on the business card

I’ve learned the hard way never to do business with anyone who displays a “Christian” fish symbol on their business cards. I hate to say it, but every time I’ve broken this rule, I’ve regretted it. Now, I’m sure there are plenty of good, honest, honorable folks in the workaday world who have a fish on their cards, and please forgive me if you’re one of them. It’s just that sadly, all the ones I’ve personally ever had the misfortune of dealing with have, without exception, ended up being liars and cheats. That’s no joke, and it’s painful. If the “living testimony”...

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What it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur

Wish I could take credit for writing this. It’s probably the most powerful thing ever written about what it takes to succeed as a Christian entrepreneur. I don’t know if Rudyard Kipling was a believer or a businessman, but this poem, IF, nails it on both fronts. This was first shared with me by a salty, uneducated old coot who’d bootstrapped his way to building a big, profitable business. He finally cashed out a few years ago for about a gazillion dollars. He was the last guy on earth you’d expect to whip out a book of poetry, and when he...

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