Author: Mike Arnold

“Marketplace ekklesia”: Seeking the Master’s Mind for maximum success

Mastermind groups are fast gaining popularity, as many top leaders consider them vital to their success. I know they have been for mine over many years. None of this should come as a surprise, because the success which flows from these groups through their members follows a biblical model. If you look at the way the early church was organized, the modern term “mastermind group” could apply in many important ways. What are the hallmarks of a mastermind group? People, meeting together regularly, in a non-competitive/non-sales environment, to help build each other up, and mutually-committed to each other’s well-rounded...

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The 4-Cs: How are you doing in these key areas?

Kingdom Strategies is currently conducting a benchmark survey of Christians in business. We’ve already received more response that expected. The survey period is still open, and I look forward to compiling and reporting the results as soon as it’s complete. One dramatic thing I’ve noticed emerging so far is that a majority of respondents seem to wrestle with the same “4 Cs” — Clarity, Confidence, Communication and Connections. Do you relate to this?  Do you have a sense of crystal CLARITY in your strategic direction and daily decision making?  Do you have strong CONFIDENCE that you’re going the right direction, doing the right things, and offering the right...

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The Kingdom Business — FREE for a limited time

I’m excited to announce investor and author Sandy Ingersoll has chosen Kingdom Strategies to publish and release his new book. A seasoned Wall Street analyst and investor, Sandy spent the first half of his life climbing his way to the very top of the business world. But for the past four decades, his single-minded pursuit has been God’s Kingdom. With breathtaking simplicity and clarity, and wisdom gained over a long and remarkable life, Sandy captures in this book God’s heart for His sons and daughters in the marketplace. An instant classic, this little book will breathe new vision and passion into your life and work. It...

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Change is inevitable. Success is not.

Did you know takeoff is by far the most dangerous time in a flight? It’s much more dangerous than landing. Why? At landing, there’s power in reserve, and the pilot can always pull up and fly away. At takeoff, thrust is maxed. The end of the runway comes fast – and it’s fly or crash. The same is true in business. In times of change, when we’re working hard to move forward or grow, there’s not much margin for error. Our runway can get shorter, fast, and the only two options are grow your business or go out of...

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The Monkey Trap: Are You Holding On To What’s Holding You Back?

Sometimes things that appear at first to be great blessings can hurt us the most. I remember watching a nature video decades ago of an African native catching a baboon. The man went to a termite mound, chiseled a small hole in the hardened outer shell, reached in and scooped out some dirt, put a tasty treat inside and then just walked away. A little while later a baboon came along, smelled the bait, reached inside and grabbed it. Problem was, with his hand around the treat he couldn’t pull it back out of the hole. He struggled and...

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